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Bridge of Love

Creating a “closeness of hearts” and cultural activities, aiming to support the State of Israel and the Israeli/Jewish community in America.

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All Israel Guarantees Each Other

Our many goals gaining momentum and executing our vision: mutual responsibilities and Jewish-Israeli identity, for the future of our children!


75,864 pledged of 100,000


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Please open your hearts, and become an active part of the “Bridge of Love” family.

The “Hebrew Theater in Miami”

The theater have been established and is operating with a great success! The goal is to produce several plays every season that will contribute to Israeli cultural life in Miami, in cooperation with local professional talents.

Helping Families in Need

Taking care of families in our community that were experiencing various hardships, by distributing and supplying them with quality holiday baskets as well as producing activities for children from the families in the community.

Supporting The Local Shelter

Sponsor an establishment of a shelter for members of the community, who are in temporary living difficulty, by providing them with an accommodating facility until a permanent solution to their situation will be found.

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Meet the Team

Personal thanks to all our direct and behind scenes supporters. You are the visionaries and the true friends… and to you, Miami family members, because without you, this would not have never happened. Hugging you all and thanking you for always being an active and important part of our body of work. 


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Samsa was a travelling salesman and above it there hung a picture that he had recently cut out of an illustration

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Marathon for War

Samsa was a travelling salesman and above it there hung a picture.

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A day for the senior citizens


A day for the senior citizens


A day for the senior citizens